Water Extends Life ? True or Not


People are all mindful that daily drinking water is safe for the body. Yet most of us still don\’t know exactly how important it is for our wellbeing to be well hydrated. Per device in the human body depends on water to operate.

Staying hydrated is vital to wellness and wellbeing, but not enough of this beverage is drunk every day by many. Around 60 percent of the body consists of water, and approximately 71 percent of the atmosphere of the earth is filled with water. Maybe it\’s the abundant nature of water that results in the fact that drinking plenty every day isn\’t at the top of priority lists for many individuals.

The very first principle of health and nutrition is to drink enough water or remain hydrated. Allegedly our bodies will go weeks without food and then just a few days without water. This makes sense because you consider our bodies are made up of around 60 percent water, and being dehydrated will eventually impact us physically and psychologically.

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How does water sustain life and maintain health? The answer to this question lies in the following facts:

Thermo Regulation

When the body heats up, water that is contained in the middle layers of the skin comes to the surface of the skin as sweat. It cools the body as it evaporates. Having plenty of water in the body will minimize physical strain if there is heat stress during exercise.

Maintains Digestive Tract

Enough hydration keeps the gastrointestinal tract working and helps avoid constipation. Your body removes water from your stools if you\’re dehydrated, leaving your colon dry and making waste more difficult to excrete.

Oral Hygiene

Saliva helps digest our food and maintains a moist mouth and food canal. Drinking water keeps your teeth clean too. It can also minimize tooth decay when used instead of sweetened drinks.

Help to Detoxify the Body

Your body fluids bring waste products into and out of your bodies, while your kidneys and liver filter out of your body certain waste products and other toxins. Only if you are well hydrated will the process function efficiently and adequately.

Radiant and Healthy Skin

Drinking plenty of water hydrates and plumps the skin cells and helps the face appear younger. Water helps replenish skin cells, moisturizes skin, and improves skin elasticity.

Brain Health and Function

Dehydration can affect the function and structure of the brain. It also engages in hormone and neurotransmitter production. Prolonged dehydration can cause thinking and reasoning problems.

Prevent Kidney Stones

The kidneys regulate body fluid. Insufficient water can cause stones in the kidneys and other problems.

Maintaining Weight

If consumed instead of sweetened juices and sodas, water can also aid with weight loss. Preloading with water before meals will help prevent excessive consumption by creating a sense of completeness

Keeping the Joints Lubricated

Cartilage, embedded in joints and spinal discs, contains around 80 percent moisture. Long-term dehydration can decrease the shock-absorbing capacity of the joints, leading to joint pain.

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