What a true beauty meaning ?

The word \”beautiful\”  has more meaning to it than you would have thought. It could mean you\’ve got a beautiful soul or a beautiful smile, or you\’re a stunning drop-dead angel who dropped from the sky.

The popular phrase \”beauty lies in the beholder\’s eyes\” does seem to reflect the enriched human culture, nature, and conceptions of what is beautiful. Throughout time, beauty has varied, with cultural diversity and profoundly different world views. Beauty has been represented and expressed through the images and ideas that enter our minds. It\’s described beauty in so many ways. The definition is simple. Beauty is happiness.


is to be asymmetrical in your features, visually speaking. It is for this reason that beauty may cover all races, nationalities, and genders. There is no perfect elegance since everything depends on how asymmetrical the characteristics are. Many different types of people are attractive in their unique way, such as the subtle characteristics that really contribute to their beauty; the slight curl of a lip, the twinkle of the eyes, or a smooth, clear complexion. Everybody has physical attractiveness so they do not stress it often. Within beauty, there is goodness, compassion, and love. It literally lets your love show through in everything you do. Beauty is so often obscured by a large number of contrasting views, misunderstood, and shadowed. It is something we endeavor for endlessly, rather than seeing our happiest moments in the true essence of it. It is the images and moments which inspire and represent our soul\’s most distinct and remarkable attraction. These are the moments in which we feel free and real. These are the moments that we feel proud and eminent about. These are the moments during which we feel alive. It seems that element is supposed to be inherent, but it is not. Do we like ourselves every day, as we see ourselves in the mirror? Or are we trying to cover the dark circles and conceal the pimple that showed up last night with many beauty products? Want to clean those blackheads off mercilessly before we walk out of the house? How often do girls worry themselves more about how they look? And we\’ve accepted it as a culture, but, if a guy admits wearing a lot of make-up, he\’s stared at. Why is it that we feel compelled to look lovely? Looks beautiful dressing up according to the standards of society or is beauty truly caring and compassionate? True beauty is an appreciation of yourself, apparent shortcomings, and all and understanding that they are part of what makes you, you. It\’s a radiance of energy, possessing heart, being kind to ourselves, and to others, it\’s courage and self-confidence to realize that you are the true beauty with or without makeup. Beauty comes from you-elegance is real and elegance is real. You are a work of art a masterpiece. There is only one you and there never will be another.  It\’s time to redetermine the beauty standards and actually start to be appreciative of who we really are…


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