The Concerns of Dark Circles

Wouldn\’t You just dread it when everything about your appearance is so on top and the only turnoff is dark circles under your eyes that are very permanent. Don\’t fret, at some point in life, the majority of us were there. These under-eye circles not only make you appear even older than you truly are, but they also make you look sick or overweight.

Dark circles take longer to recover and require tremendous discipline. There should be a daily skin and health care system. It must be noted that these natural treatments are meant mainly to help get rid of dark circles, which in turn are related to too many things such as the stress levels or dietary needs. Often people believe the dark circles are due to exhaustion and a lack of sleep. While this could be one factor under the eye circles, there are other causes for darkness, such as asthma or the natural aging method. Depending on skin color, dark circles under the eyes can appear violet or blue or dark brown or black. These circles are rarely a cause of concern but for aesthetic purposes, people may choose to minimize their appearance. In certain cases, dark circles under the eyes may suggest a need for change in lifestyles, such as improvement in sleeping habits or diet. Common Causes of Dark Circles There are a number of factors that contribute to dark circles. Few common root causes include:
  1. Tiredness
Oversleeping, intense insomnia or just staying up a couple of hours past your usual bedtime will cause dark circles to appear under your eyes. Sleep deficiency will make your skin slow and translucent, causing dark tissues and blood vessels to show out under your skin.
  1. Allergy
Allergies will enhance the desire to pinch and rub the itchy skin around your eyes, too. This behavior will render the symptoms worse, causing inflammation, swelling, and blood vessels to break down. This will create dark shadows under your eyes.
  1. Straining the Eyes
Staring at your TV or computer screen for a long period will cause substantial visual fatigue. This strain will cause swelling of the blood vessels around your eyes. The skin around your eyes can darken as a result.
  1. Aging
A common cause of those dark circles under the eyes is normal aging. When you get older the skin becomes thinner. You can lose the fat and collagen required to retain the elasticity of your skin. When this happens, the black blood vessels under the skin become more apparent causing the darkening of the region around the eyes.
  1. Family History
Genetics also plays a role in the development of dark circles within the eyes. It may be an inherited trait found early in infancy, which can get worse when you age or vanish slowly. Previous exposure to other medical disorders, such as thyroid disease, will lead to dark circles under the eyes, too.
  1. Lack of Hydration
A frequent source of dark circles under the eyes is dehydration. If your body doesn\’t get the right amount of water, the skin under your eyes appears to look tired and your eyes look sunken. This is due to their close proximity to the bone that underlies it. Article: Keeping the Skin Glowing Prevention & Remedy Following these quick, natural, and home remedies you may be able to reduce the emergence of dark circles under your eyes. While some of these treatments are not clinically proven, they can be worth the effort, since many are cheap and may not cause side effects.
  • Sleeping more
People should make sure they get enough quality nighttime sleep to either minimize or avoid the dark circles. Lifting the head up on extra pillows will help lower dark circles and swell around the eyes.
  • Cold compress
Applying a cold compress to the eyes will constrict the blood vessels and minimize dark circle appearance.
  • Used Teabags
Bags of tea can help to alleviate dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Caffeine has antioxidant effects, enhancing the circulation of blood around the brain.
  • Using Cucumber
Applying slices of cucumber to the eyes can soothe tired eyes and minimize swelling. The high concentration of cucumber in water and vitamin C will help nourish and moisturize the skin. Cucumber also includes silica, essential to healthy tissue.
  • Antioxidant skincare products
Face creams and under-eye items containing antioxidants can help to minimize the presence of dark circles. Vitamins E and C are antioxidants and may aid in the prevention of dark circles.


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